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Welcome to osmotherley film!

Our Forthcoming Film

Forthcoming Film Poster

One of cinema's true classics! This is celluloid joie de vivre at its best and one not to be missed.

Let the glory days of Hollywood entertain you as the film sets its story on its own film lot, looking back at the time when silent movies were giving way to the 'talkies' - a time of seismic change for all involved!

The exhuberence and talent of the lead cast will leave you in awe. An iconic soundtrack including "Good Mornin'", "Singing in the Rain" provide familiarity. The vibrancy of glorious Technicolour will have you yearning for old Hollywood. A simply enjoyable evening in front of the big screen is guaranteed!

(Umbrellas optional!)

Starring:  Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, Donald O'Connor

Director:  Stanley Donan, Gene Kelly

[1952] Cert.U  103mins